Taken from a text written by Ronaldo Marrone that can be found in the book entitled “Le Strade di Napoli” (“The Streets of Naples”) by Francesco Saverio Siniscalchi

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Considered one of the masters of the Neapolitan School of Law, Atty Francesco Saverio Siniscalchi (Venosa, 1887-1969), was an outstanding Neapolitan Court Lawyer. Unveiled in 1972, in a cerimony hosted by the Italian President, his marble bust was deposited in the main room at Castlecapuano along with all the other major lawyers and judges of the past who have been honored for their decades of contribution to Juridic Science.

Francesco S. Siniscalchi began his career with his father Nicola and loyal friend Giustino Fortunato. A short while after, he came to Naples where expert Atty Carlo Fiorante took him under his wing. Forseeing Francesco S. Siniscalchi’s qualities as a great lawyer, Fiorante once wrote of him “capable of flight and bright rising”. Indeed, Francesco S. Siniscalchi soon established himself among the most vivacious and innovative minds of Neapolitan Court.

Law language scholars have studied and admired his original use of language, in the way he used brief phrases together with long pauses that came to characterize his speech.

He took part in shocking trials. Some of his defence scripts have been conserved along with numerous writings on various topics and conferences he held. Some famous ones are: “Girolamo Savonarola”, “Grandi Lucani”, and Martyres of 1799”.

Francesco S. Siniscalchi’s son, Vincenzo, has successfully followed in his father’s footsteps as a Criminal Lawyer. He has also been President of the San Pietro a Majella Conservatory in Naples.